S10E141-S12E143 Cape York and Torres Strait

This ortho file contains 9 tiles covering the Cape York Peninsula and the Torres Strait.

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If an airport is not located in X-Plane, you might be able to still land on it if the OSM files has the airport listed.

All Ortho’s are at zoom level 13-15, depending on location. To create higher resolution Orthos, follow my tutorial.

ICAO IATA Name Lat Log Type
AYDU DAU Daru Airport (PNG) -9.087 143.208 Medium
YBAU BDD Badu Island Airport -10.15 142.173 Small
YBOI GIC Boigu Airport -9.233 142.218 Small
YCCT CNC Coconut Island Airport -10.05 143.07 Small
YDNI NLF Darnley Island Airport -9.583 143.767 Small
YHID HID Horn Island -10.586 142.29 Medium
YHTL HAT Heathlands Airport -11.737 142.577 Closed
YKUB KUG Kubin -10.225 142.218 Small
YMAA UBB Mabuiag Island Airport -9.95 142.183 Small
YNPE ABM Northern Peninsula Airport -10.951 142.459 Small
YSII SBR Saibai Island Airport -9.378 142.625 Small
YWBS SYU Warraber Island Airport -10.208 142.825 Small
YYKI OKR Yorke Island Airport -9.753 143.406 Small
YYMI XMY Yam Island Airport -9.901 142.776 Small

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