Bitcoin Settlers (Formerly Travian Bitcoins) Major Bug

There is at the moment a very big bug in the current load where once an attack is done, the page constantly tries to refresh but never actually finishes the attack.

I am aware of the bug, and am working on fixing it as we speak

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  1. Bug Is fixed.. If it returns PLEASE let me know!

    I have to have two specific variables in the mysql files set to certain values.. but it seems server keeps reverting them. If this, or the “field” error comes back, let me know asap!

    • well, i paste my btc address and type in the satoshis i want, dividing the current satoshi rate with what i want to withdraw and it’s not a decimal number. I still cant withdraw and it just brings me back to the gold plus screen.

      additional bug, in my village 4, the warehouse suddenly went back to level 1 with a 800 capacity. so that’s alright, but i need to upgrade it to be able to get more reso for my village, but i can only see this value..

      Current capacity:
      0 Resource units

      Capacity at level 20:
      80000 Resource units

      Costs for upgrading to level 24:
      Lumber | Clay | Iron | Crop | Crop consumption | duration0:00:00|NPC trade
      Upgrade to level 24.

      i can upgrade to lvl 24 at no cost on lumber, clay, iron or crop, and it wont even cost me a second. but nothing happens. I’ve already upgraded it from lvl 20 to 23.

      hope you can fix it, can’t withdraw and can’t play properly.

  2. another bug, can’t withdraw. tried to fill out the satoshi address and the amount, after clicking on withdraw, nothing happens.

    is there a threshold on how many satoshis we can withdraw from travian? I sent you an email yesterday about it too.

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