Registration now open

Hello everyone! Ive opened up registration for those that wish to. If there is too much issue with spam, ill deal with it then as well

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  1. Hi.
    Do we earn real Bitcoins in space traders game ?
    I once withdrew but no Satoshis came to my Bitcoin wallet.
    Why is that ?
    Thanks …

    • You do, Tolga.. but it goes through Faucetbox

      You need to go to faucetbox, put your bitcoin address in, and look at the settings there. As long as you meet the minimum withdrawal, you can then pull to your wallet

      REason for this is it allows me to send even 1 satoshi from the game to your account, you just got to collect enough to meet faucetbox withdraw requirements

  2. Hello, so what happened now to your faucets? Both are discontinued. And with the price of btc more than twice from when you started, the faucet is just not a pretty investment option now, is it?

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